• Project Management: mainly be in charge of client-facing & consulting.
    • Identify clients’ Business objectives, turn them into Research objectives and consult the
      clients about how Kompa solutions can help them.
    • Do analysis through deep-diving into data to spot valuable findings/ insights.
    • Proactively engage, brainstorm with business partners to drive those findings/ insights
      into actionable recommendations.
    • Work proactively to ensure all research papers are driven by real and clear facts & figures.
      Leading the workflow across departments with an aim to solve a problem.
    • Timely consult clients to handle a crisis with Kompa services. Present and answer
      persuasive inquiries related to projects and categories.
    • Maintain professional client service manners through periodic (monthly…) meetings to
      update the clients’ needs and modify report templates accordingly.
    • Be responsible for the success rate of contract renewal, up-selling and monitoring
      proposal writing for pitching new business.

Team Leadership:

    • Developing team members qualified for company business needs such as assigning jobs,
      managing team workload and performance, giving feedback to team members in a timely
      manner periodically.
    • Guide and supervise team members to do project briefs in order to collect, optimize data,
      methodological design for research projects.
    • Plan and execute training activities periodically to keep the team updated about both
      professional knowledge and market situations.
    • To measure, monitor, and analyze the performance based on the defined KPIs.
    • Inspiring all the relevant teams, and solving everyone’s difficulties; listening to team
      member difficulties and motivating them; giving recognition for good performance as well
      as managing poor performance.


    • At least 3 years’ experience in a research/insight role or related position.
    • Having experience in social listening is an advantage.
    • Working at an agency is a plus.
    • Be convenient for analyzing a variety of data types (number, text, image…) analysis.
      Qualitative and quantitative research understandings.
    • Be organized and able to work under high pressure to meet deadlines and demanding
    • Strong project management and time management skills.
    • Strong sense of client service, with the ability to handle daily requests & maintain client
    • Able to work effectively in a team and independently.
    • Excellent problem-solving, communication, teamwork skills and the confidence to lead
      and motivate a team.
    • Proficient in English (both speaking and writing).
    • Proficient in office informatics, especially Excel and PowerPoint.
    • Being responsible and able to work overtime when required.


    • Young, dynamic environment and freedom to creative.
    • Transparency and honesty are the 2 factors from our core value.
    • Trust with customer and commitment through standard quality products and solutions.
    • Human oriented.


    • 100% salary during probation.
    • Working Monday – Friday.
    • Company trip, team-building and other social activities.
    • Salary bonus, performance review.
    • 13th-month salary.
    • Training-on-the-job.

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