1. Collect data on Traditional Media Channels:

    • Collect, validate and sort fragmented data online news sites through
    • Expand data sets using company support tools.
    • Quick information skimming and filtering data from Traditional Media

2. Data Validation & Report execute:

    • Understand the project request information file.
    • Categorizing data labels & sentiments.
    • Processing and aggregating information sources according to customer
    • Planning data analysis and setting up the initial system.
    • Ensuring data quality on the system.
    • Giving negative information required by the project via email (in order
      for Data Dept. to execute SMS & email alerts).
    • Submit a complete data clipping to clients daily.
    • Provide general data entry support across many teams on an ad-hoc
    • Excellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets (MS
      Office Word, Excel etc.).

3. Workflow & Support tools management:

    • Proficient use of tools from basic to advanced.
    • Daily update and optimize (if could) the support tools.
    • Record and notify problems arising during the data operation process.


    • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
    • Fresh or graduated in any field with a logical mindset (prefer data entry
      & processing).
    • Knowing how to use the advanced features of Excel is an advantage.
    • Familiar with photoshop, video recording is preferred.
    • Ability to read, search for information, update content trends on News.
    • Be organized, honest and detail-oriented with analytical skills.


    • Young, dynamic environment and freedom to creative.
    • Transparency and honesty are the 2 factors from our core value.
    • Trust with customer and commitment through standard quality
      products and solutions.
    • Human oriented.


    • 100% salary during probation.
    • Working Monday – Friday.
    • Company trip, team-building and other social activities.
    • Salary bonus, performance review.
    • 13th-month salary.
    • Training-on-the-job.

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