Social listening

Optimizing communication activities and elevating brand management.

For every mention related to the brand on social media platforms, it can represent a fresh and potential opportunity for brand managers to leverage in creating content or communication messages to enhance customer engagement. With a system that listens and monitors social media information combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and human input, Kompa will collect comprehensive information and analyze data in detail to help businesses track the health of their brand, uncover customer insights, observe competitors, and monitor the market 24/7.

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Updating – Monitoring – Analyzing Brand Identification

Data is collected, aggregated, and analyzed based on keywords related to the Brand, products, services, competitors, etc., allowing businesses to gain a comprehensive overview through metrics such as:

  • Buzz volume: The total amount of public posts, comments, and shares related to the Brand.
  • Share of voice: A metric indicating the Brand’s interaction volume compared to competitors in the same industry.
  • Discussion topics (Attributes, Labels): Topics directly or indirectly related to the brand.
  • Sentiment: An index reflecting the positive, neutral, or negative sentiment of discussions about the Brand.
  • Target audience: An overview of users participating in discussions within the industry, analyzing the geographic location differences in detail.

Campaign Measurement

When analyzing the effectiveness of communication channels, competitor analysis, or consumer trends in the market, Kompa collects, aggregates, and checks thousands of data sources to provide in-depth, decision-making insights for each Brand’s step.
Sometimes, just one discussion mentioning the Brand or a competitor can become a significant opportunity for the Brand’s success. Neglecting any such opportunity can be regrettable for Brand managers.

Brand Reputation Management

With a 24/7 data collection and sentiment analysis system, Kompa automatically sends alerts about negative information levels that are synchronized with the business via email/SMS, within an average time of 15-30 minutes. This helps Brand managers stay up to date and take action promptly to protect the Brand’s reputation.

Tailored Measurement Solutions

Brand Monitoring
Updating discussions, channels, and customer sentiment.
Monitoring changes in Brand discussion market share.
Capturing sensitive information related to the brand.
Real-time dashboard displaying brand metrics.

from 10 million VND/month

Brand & Customer Insight
Measuring and evaluating brand health and competitor metrics.
Precisely capturing customer insights and pain points.
Analyzing the factors of communication campaign success and barriers.
Consultation based on data trends and actual measurement report results.

from 25 million VND/month

Brand Health Management
Comprehensive market and industry analysis.
Detailed measurement of campaigns, brand identity coverage, and competitors.
Updating sensitive and negative brand-related information.
Predicting upcoming trends suitable for brand activities.

from 30 million VND/month


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