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Advice for candidates

Data Operation (Part-time)

Salary: Negotiatble

Job description


1. Collect data on Social Media Channels:

- Collect data on Social Media Channels through the support of the system.
- Analyzing, synthesizing and fragmenting data
- Expanding multi-dimensional data information using company support tools.

2. Data processing:

- Understand the project request information file.
- Categorizing nuances and data content groups
- Warning of negative information required by the project.
- Know the content of processed data
- Processing and aggregating information sources according to customer requirements.
- Planning data analysis and setting up the initial system;
- Set up automatic data processing system
- Make simple reports on data platforms.
- Ensuring data quality on the system
- Work with other departments (Dev, Buso) to start the project according to customer requirements
- Submit a complete data analysis report to the Business Solution department.

3. Using the support tools at work:

- Proficient use of tools from basic to advanced.
- Optimize the support tools.
- Record and notify problems arising during data operation process.



- Bachelor Degree or Higher
- Priority majors in communications, economics, data analysis, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Business Information System.
- Know how to use the advanced features of Excel is an advantage.
- Ability to search for information, update content trends on Social Networks, Forums and News.
- Skillfull to identify and summarize large volumes of information content in a detailed and accurate manner.
- Honest, careful, sensitive to social media trends.
- Ability to manage small groups and divide the workload.
- Good communication skill
- At least 01 year experience in the same position
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