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Our Services

Research & Monitoring

- Understand the requirements
- Identify the suitable information
- Tracking on 360 channels
- Automation reporting

Measure & optimize

- Data Generation
- Insights Analyzation
- Customize report


- Optimize target customer
- Casting & managing KOL’s
- End user engagement

Amplify & Integrate

- Reputation development
- Crisis management
- Automation marketing

Why Kompa Consulting

1. Technology-driven
We provide tools and power to everyone to retrieve and analyze information in the best way by taking advantages of big data and AI.
The data can be taken full advantage for your organization with our tools:
- Social listening
- Chat bot
- Stock AI
2. Experience & relationship
We have 11 year - experience in social listening & crisis management
We are partnering with almost PR, Communication and Social Agencies in the market. Furthermore, we also working with almost hottest KOLs in many categories
3. Customer first attitude:
Expert & dedicated team
Always on 24/7

What we do

  • Integrated Media Monitoring for your Integrated Communications

    Real time tracking, sentiment, insight generating for any topic related to brand.

  • Find hidden insights, understand impact and resonance, and conduct powerful market research across integrated media types: online, print, broadcast, radio and social. Stay up-to-date with industry news, competitor trends, and important key messages all in an endlessly searchable space you’ll never want to leave.
    Monitor millions of global news and blog sources in near real-time for your brand, spokesperson, competitor, or industry mentions

  • Track & Respond to the Crisis Conversation
    Our AI-based analytics engine delivers audience insights and precise media impact analysis so you can track the lifecycle of the story no matter where it breaks: online, in social media, or across traditional channels like print and broadcast. Get up to the minute alerts for key topics, executives, and competitors automatically to keep your finger on the pulse of the issues at hand while you work on response strategies.

  • Build Better Relationships

    – Identify and activate media contacts and influencers for your audiences across the spectrum, from journalists to micro-influencers.
    PR strategy & booking
    SEO strategy & execution
    Communication build & management

Our Clients

Our Packages

Brand Insurance

Social Tracking Dashboard

KOL casting & performance

Issue prevention

Reputation Management

Daily Outlook Report

Social Monitoring Report

Campaign Tracking

KOL casting & performance

Issue Prevention / Issue communication

Reputation Development

Reputation management

PR strategy


Special services (FB, Google, YouTube…)

Ad hoc

Social market research

Special report

Social community management

Booking (KOL, PR, content)

Social Media Command Center