Kompa Group is one of the first corporations in Vietnam specializing in providing data-oriented services and solutions, established in 2018 in Silicon Valley, USA. With its predecessor Boomerage established in 2011, Kompa Group has nearly 10 years experience in technological applications in business especially in Marketing, Finance, Sales & Trading. 

With nearly 10 years of operation and development, Kompa Group has been providing data-oriented solutions for hundreds of SMEs and large corporations locally in Vietnam and globally. Kompa Group not only provides business solutions to support business acitvities but does also bring about a 360-degree comprehensive communication management tool for businesses including: managing and dealing with communication crisis, increasing interaction - discussion, improving campaign performance, ...

The 360-degree communication management tool covers what is going on on mainstream social media and media platforms to create a comprehensive view of how business operates and optimizes the costs fomarketing campaigns.

With that tool, all information, reports about the market, business activities of enterprises and competitors, industry trends, ... are always updated 24/7 by an AI system designed called Radda.net and built specificially for data collection purposes by Kompa Group. The AI system can collect data on social networking platforms and other data on traditional media channels such as TV, print newspaper, magazine & radio.

Accordingly, operating simultaneously with the data system is a team of solution-oriented consultants with years of experience in many business fields, which will give insighful perspectives for businesses.

Reputation Management for Brands:

Along with the 360-degree comprehensive communication management tool, business information is analyzed by Kompa A.I data system “Radaa.net” and classified accordingly to a list of brand-related keywords. Negativeinformation will be notified directly via email and incoming SMS to Brands immediately. From there, businesses can continue to resolve and prevent negative information spreading widely on social networks and the Internet.

Building a dedicated digital center system to monitor conversation around Brands & Market:

Kompa Group is the leading group in Vietnam in building a digital center system directly within the businessfrom which data is collected and aggregated in real time. All the brand-related analysis such as Brand Health, Brand Reputation Analysis, Brand Conversations, etc. is done proactively by the business itself.

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