About Kompa

Kompa is a pioneering company in Vietnam that specializes in offering communications consulting products and solutions based on Big Data platforms, as well as utilizing data technology in corporate operations and development.

Things that make Kompa outstanding

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency and Integrity are two elements that make Kompa quality.

The data is constantly updated

Kompa effortlessly integrates data across numerous platforms, from online to offline.

One stop Social Solution Agency

Kompa provides a one-stop Social Solution Agency to optimize brand performance.

Customer's Loyalty

Kompa is proud to collaborate and grow with over 500 local and international customers.

Kompa's Story


Kompa – Social Listening solution Optimizes Communication Activities and Brand Management. 

Kompa, founded in Silicon Valley, has begun on a path that goes beyond listening and collecting data, and instead, via technology and expertise, has gained insights to optimize and leverage all data sources from Big Data into multi-industry applications ranging from marketing to finance, manufacturing…

With more than 20 years of experience, Kompa invests in developing database systems, natural language processing systems (NLP: Natural Language Processing) and training a team of experienced market analysts, building an operating model that takes full advantage of data resources from Big Data to help businesses make the fastest, most optimal and accurate decisions. We believe that a seamless blend of technology and practical knowledge helps provide an overview of the market perspective.Kompa creates a company culture built on compassion, desire to give, honesty, enthusiasm, and attaining goals for customers and the community in order to achieve long-term success.


How we define

Compass Mathematics Science Orbit

Intergration Structure System Bridge

AI Power Robotic Deep Learning Intellect



We aim to become one of the leading data technology companies in Southeast Asia, we contribute to enhance services and solutions for the Digital Economy of Vietnam and Worldwide.


Accompanying businesses, solve your problems on the digitalization journey are at the heart of what we do. We work hard to brace start-up businesses with their development both domestic and abroad. Build the applications, solutions keeping your sustainable businesses moving forward.

Kompa Commitment



Our solutions are based on substantial industry knowledge and expertise.



We constantly analyze, update, and optimize data systems, product quality, and solutions in order to provide realistic solutions to consumers.



We guarantee that every information supplied is clear and transparent.



We are always innovating and developing innovative technologies to guarantee that we are constantly strengthening our products, developing new solutions, and collecting as many data sources as possible for our clients.



We constantly accompany the business in each project under the slogan "The success of the business is the success of Kompa."

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