Reputation Management

Accompanying businesses in managing communication crises.

Brand reputation represents the values that customers perceive and assess through a company’s products, services, communication messages, and the image of its representatives. Building and protecting a brand image on social media is now a “critical” mission for any business. A business’s brand image may take some time to develop. Regardless of whether they are objective or subjective, any sensitive or negative incidents can threaten the reputation’s formation and sustainability.

Kompa's Collaborative Process with Customers

Monitoring - Identification - Incident Containment

Propose and support flexible response plans.

Sustaining Control and Optimizing Neutral Information

Provide guidance and strategies for brand health

1/ Monitoring – Identification – Incident Containment

Kompa classifies and aligns negative information levels with businesses based on discussion sentiments. Continually monitor and send negative information alerts via SMS/Email within an average timeframe of 15-30 minutes. Tracing the source of the incident affecting the brand for comprehensive resolution.

2/ Propose and support flexible response plans.

  • Offer tailored solutions and guidance suitable for the business.
  • Leverage technology and extensive connections with media, KOLs/KOCs, forums, etc., to assist the business in crisis prevention and management.

3/ Sustaining Control and Optimizing Neutral Information

Observe and ensure that the incident has been entirely contained.

4/ Provide guidance and strategies for brand health

Brand Monitoring
Updating discussions, channels, and customer sentiment.
Monitoring changes in Brand discussion market share.
Capturing sensitive information related to the brand.
Real-time dashboard displaying brand metrics.

from 10 million VND/month

Brand & Customer Insight
Measuring and evaluating brand health and competitor metrics.
Precisely capturing customer insights and pain points.
Analyzing the factors of communication campaign success and barriers.
Consultation based on data trends and actual measurement report results.

from 25 million VND/month

Brand Health Management
Comprehensive market and industry analysis.
Detailed measurement of campaigns, brand identity coverage, and competitors.
Updating sensitive and negative brand-related information.
Predicting upcoming trends suitable for brand activities.

from 30 million VND/month


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