Package solution

Make the most of even the smallest information for Businesses to reach Customers

For SMEs

Quickly update daily discussions related to the business/competitors on mainstream media channels and social networks.
Help businesses capture prominent beneficial and detrimental information on the same day for timely and appropriate actions.
The dashboard displays real-time statistics and summaries of discussions about the Brand.

For Large Scale Enterprise

Evaluate the key health metrics of the Brand and compare them directly with competitors.
Define the needs, insights, or pain points of customers on digital media platforms in the most objective way possible.
Analyze and summarize the barriers and success factors of communication activities, offering extra guidance based on data trends and actual measurement report results.

For Diversified Company

Deliver comprehensive measurement and analysis reports on campaigns, Brand recognition, and conduct direct comparisons with competitor initiatives.
Identify the primary themes of both positive and negative conversations. Send alerts for negative information via email and SMS.
Predict upcoming trends and provide detailed and relevant information for Brand operations.

Tailored Measurement Solutions

Brand Monitoring
Updating discussions, channels, and customer sentiment.
Monitoring changes in Brand discussion market share.
Capturing sensitive information related to the brand.
Real-time dashboard displaying brand metrics.

from 10 million VND/month

Brand & Customer Insight
Measuring and evaluating brand health and competitor metrics.
Precisely capturing customer insights and pain points.
Analyzing the factors of communication campaign success and barriers.
Consultation based on data trends and actual measurement report results.

from 25 million VND/month

Brand Health Management
Comprehensive market and industry analysis.
Detailed measurement of campaigns, brand identity coverage, and competitors.
Updating sensitive and negative brand-related information.
Predicting upcoming trends suitable for brand activities.

from 30 million VND/month

Maximizing the smallest data to help businesses reach and communicate to potential customers.
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