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Many Patients with a History of COVID-19 Now Contracting Unexplained Illness

In the past two months, Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City has received 11 patients with bone inflammation and injuries to the cranial, jaw, and facial regions with unknown causes. According to VTV, doctors at Cho Ray Hospital have noted that all these patients share the common characteristic of having previously had COVID-19.

Link báo: https://www.yan.vn/xuat-hien-nhieu-benh-nhan-co-tien-su-nhiem-covid19-nay-mac-benh-la-306692.html

The number of new COVID-19 cases on July 11 increased by 103 cases compared to the previous day

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Vietnam has recorded 10,755,381 infections, ranking 12th out of 227 countries and territories. When considering the infection rate per one million people, Vietnam ranks 112th out of 227 countries and territories, with an average of 108,532 infections per one million people.

Link báo: https://kenhtinviet.com/so-ca-mac-moi-covid-19-ngay-11-7-tang-them-103-ca/

Many Countries Maintain Their COVID-19 Strategies

Most governments in Asia have chosen to enhance vaccination efforts and closely monitor their hospital systems, with the exception of China. Despite the rapid resurgence of COVID-19 cases, many countries have refrained from implementing strict measures such as long-term lockdowns or border closures, as reported by The Straits Times.

Link báo: https://thanhnien.vn/nhieu-nuoc-khong-thay-doi-chien-luoc-covid-19-post1477240.html

from AFP


The bank warns customers to be cautious when swiping their payment cards at the counter

If someone else gets hold of your credit card or quickly acquires the information on the card, the risk of losing money from your account is very high.
Link báo: https://vietpress.vn/ngan-hang-canh-bao-khach-hang-can-than-khi-quet-the-thanh-toan-tai-quay-d88143.html

SeABank’s Business Results Exceed Plan for the First Half of 2022

On July 11, SeABank announced its consolidated business results for the first six months of the year, with pre-tax profit reaching 2,806 billion VND, a 180% growth compared to the same period in 2021, achieving 115% of the plan for the first six months of 2022.
Link báo: https://reatimes.vn/ket-qua-kinh-doanh-cua-seabank-vuot-ke-hoach-6-thang-dau-nam-20201224000012987.html

VNPT Gradually Withdraws from VNPT EPAY

On July 19, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) will auction 4.2 million rights to purchase shares in VNPT Electronic Payment Company (VNPT EPAY). Forfeiting the rights to purchase new shares of VNPT EPAY implies that VNPT will significantly reduce its ownership stake in one of the earliest intermediaries in the payment business in Vietnam.
Link báo: https://baodauthau.vn/vnpt-dan-rut-lui-khoi-vnpt-epay-post126030.html


Czech Republic and Germany Sign Agreement for Gas Supply Support

On July 11, 2022, Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Sikela and German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck signed an energy security agreement. This agreement involves mutual assistance in case of disruptions in the gas supply.
Link báo: https://vnanet.vn/vi/anh/anh-thoi-su-quoc-te-1049/sec-va-duc-ky-thoa-thuan-ho-tro-cung-cap-khi-dot-6217496.html

China-Pakistan Joint Naval Exercises Offshore Shanghai

The Sea Guardians-2 joint naval exercise, featuring the participation of Chinese and Pakistani naval forces, aims to prepare for a coordinated response to maritime security threats.
Link báo: https://baomoi.com/trung-quoc-pakistan-tap-tran-hai-quan-chung-ngoai-khoi-thuong-hai/c/43142433.epi

Ukraine Conflict Day 138: Numerous Casualties from Shelling, Ukraine Prepares for Counteroffensive

More casualties have been reported in Ukraine due to Russian shelling, as Ukraine is gathering its forces for a counteroffensive in the southern region.
Link báo: https://thanhnien.vn/chien-su-ukraine-ngay-138-nhieu-thuong-vong-do-phao-kich-ukraine-sap-phan-cong-post1477250.html


How to Calculate the High School Graduation Exam Scores in 202

Candidates can refer to the method for calculating high school graduation exam scores in 2022. Knowing their exam results, candidates can actively initiate the re-evaluation process in case of discrepancies.
Link báo: https://baomoi.com/cach-tinh-diem-xet-tot-nghiep-thpt-nam-2022/c/43142472.epi

History Officially Becomes a Compulsory Subject in High School

On July 11, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do signed a plan to implement the History subject in the 2018 general education program, with the aim of developing, selecting, and adjusting the compulsory History program at the high school level.
Link báo: https://thuonghieuvaphapluat.vn/lich-su-chinh-thuc-la-mon-hoc-bat-buoc-cap-thpt-d54086.html

University Changes English Proficiency Standards, Students Complain About Tuition Fees

Many students at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University, Hanoi) have expressed dissatisfaction and even frustration about the university’s sudden change in English proficiency standards.
Link báo: https://vietnamnet.vn/sinh-vien-keu-mat-oan-hoc-phi-vi-truong-doi-chuan-dau-ra-2036527.html


What Does Danang Say About the Progress of Key Transportation Infrastructure Projects?

The People’s Committee of Danang City has issued Report No. 193/BC-UBND regarding the implementation of the City People’s Council’s conclusions and the City People’s Council’s Standing Committee’s resolutions and monthly conclusions.
Link báo: https://cafeland.vn/tin-tuc/da-nang-noi-gi-ve-tien-do-cac-du-an-ha-tang-giao-thong-quan-trong-111478.html

Proposal to Transform the To Lich River into an Underground Tunnel for Flood Prevention and a Cultural and Spiritual Park

The project to transform the To Lich River into a historical, cultural, and spiritual park (Vietnam-Japan Friendship Park) and the associated cultural facilities, along with an underground flood prevention tunnel system along the To Lich River, has received high praise.
Link báo: https://tuoitrethudo.com.vn/de-xuat-cai-tao-song-to-lich-thanh-ham-ngam-chong-ngap-va-cong-vien-van-hoa-tam-linh-200814.html

Recommendation to Reclaim Over 756 Hectares of Land for 151 Projects and Works

During the 9th session, the Provincial People’s Council of Hai Duong Province reviewed a proposal to approve the land reclamation and change of land use from rice cultivation to implement additional projects and works in 2022 within the province’s territory.
Link báo: http://baohaiduong.vn/giao-thong—do-thi/de-nghi-thu-hoi-hon-756-ha-dat-de-thuc-hien-151-du-an-cong-trinh-208606


OFFICIAL: Pogba Joins Juventus

In this regard, the Juventus official website has published a fairly comprehensive announcement about Paul Pogba’s return: “In 2016, Juventus and Pogba parted ways after a remarkable period of success. There, a young French talent made his debut with the first team and quickly scored a goal in less than a month. For many years, we held our breath in anticipation every time he had the ball and set his sights on the opposing goal from outside the penalty area. At that time, we might have a reason to rejoice.
Link báo: https://kenhtinviet.com/chinh-thuc-pogba-gia-nhap-juventus/#respond

Coach Shin Tae Yong remains bitter, continuing to criticize U19 Vietnam and Thailand on social media

Coach Shin Tae Yong still harbors bitterness after U19 Indonesia’s disappointing elimination. He recently uploaded a video of the U19 Vietnam and U19 Thailand match on social media with the comment: ‘Is this a fair-play match?’
Link báo: https://tuoitre.vn/hlv-shin-tae-yong-van-cay-cu-tiep-tuc-chi-trich-u19-viet-nam-va-thai-lan-tren-mang-xa-hoi-2022071208170193.htm

“Ten Hag eagerly wants Ronaldo out the door”

Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan, stated that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag genuinely wants Cristiano Ronaldo to leave immediately.
Link báo: https://www.tinthethao.com.vn/ten-hag-dang-non-nong-duoc-tien-ronaldo-ra-khoi-cua-d672244.html

from Tin Thể Thao


Lệ Quyên Shares Secrets to Preserve Youthfulness and Beauty

In a recent interview, Lệ Quyên expressed her happiness whenever she received compliments from the audience regarding her beauty and captivating charm, even though she is in her forties. According to the singer, this source of energy doesn’t come naturally but rather from a dynamic lifestyle, active exercise, along with self-understanding and self-care.
Link báo: https://ngoisao.vnexpress.net/le-quyen-chia-se-bi-quyet-gin-giu-tuoi-xuan-va-nhan-sac-4486522.html

Totti and Blasi’s Divorce

The most famous celebrity athlete couple in Italy ended their relationship in February when Totti was rumored to be involved with 33-year-old beauty Noemi Bocchi. Bocchi even appeared in the stands at the Olimpico stadium during a Serie A match between Roma and Genoa last season, a few rows away from Totti. Following that, Totti and Blasi repeatedly denied breakup rumors.
Link báo: https://nguoi-noi-tieng.com/giai-tri-the-thao/totti-va-blasi-ly-hon-1434610

SOOBIN Performs on an Airplane

Singer SOOBIN Hoàng Sơn, along with rappers BinZ and Rhymastic, and two music producers, Touliver and SlimV, made a surprise appearance on a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, performing their new song.
Link báo: https://ngoisao.vnexpress.net/soobin-hat-tren-may-bay-4486731.html

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