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Rumors of post-COVID-19 bone necrosis complications: What do experts say?

According to experts, bone necrosis is a rare complication following a COVID-19 infection, with documented cases not limited to facial bone areas.
Link báo: https://dantri.com.vn/suc-khoe/xon-xao-bien-chung-hoai-tu-xuong-nghi-hau-covid-19-chuyen-gia-noi-gi-20220713170304078.htm

COVID-19 Spreads Across Asia-Pacific

A new wave of COVID-19 is rapidly spreading throughout the Asia-Pacific region, prompting residents from New Zealand to Japan to implement preventive measures to prevent the spread and avoid overwhelming the healthcare system.
Link báo: https://tuoitre.vn/dich-covid-19-lan-rong-khap-chau-a-thai-binh-duong-20220714151429974.htm

Assessing BA.5: The 3rd Generation Omicron Upgrade, with the Most Robust Spread and Reinfection Capability Since the Beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic

No more social distancing, no more COVID announcements blaring from loudspeakers, and many people not wearing masks in public places. However, the fact remains that the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet ended.
Link báo: https://cafef.vn/danh-gia-ba5-ban-nang-cap-the-he-thu-3-cua-omicron-cho-hieu-nang-lay-lan-va-tai-nhiem-manh-nhat-ke-tu-dau-dich-covid-19-20220714145302678.chn


Providing a 20,000 Billion Credit Package for Workers for Consumer Loans to Eliminate Black Credit

With a loan period ranging from 3 months to a maximum of 3 years and a maximum loan amount of 70 million VND per case for living and consumer purposes, the 20,000 billion credit package is expected to eliminate black credit services among laborers.
Link báo: https://www.24h.com.vn/tin-tuc-trong-ngay/cap-goi-tin-dung-20000-ti-dong-cho-cong-nhan-vay-tieu-dung-de-xoa-so-tin-dung-den-c46a1377507.html

Sharp Drop in Profits for U.S. Banks, Signaling an “Economic Storm”

Increased business volume, but the second-quarter profits of the largest U.S. banks are expected to drop significantly compared to last year due to the need for larger reserve allocations. These indicators signal that the economic recovery may have to give way to the emerging risk of recession.
Link báo: https://vietstock.vn/2022/07/loi-nhuan-ngan-hang-my-giam-manh-bao-truoc-con-bao-kinh-te-772-980687.htm

Divergent Opinions on Expanding Credit Limits

Vietnam’s economy continues to rely on credit capital as the key to sustaining growth, making controlling this “double-edged sword” a top policy consideration.
Link báo: https://baoxaydung.com.vn/nhieu-y-kien-trai-chieu-xung-quanh-viec-noi-han-muc-tin-dung-335958.html


Ukraine Cuts Diplomatic Ties with North Korea

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on July 13th condemning North Korea’s recognition of the independence of two self-proclaimed regions, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), in eastern Ukraine.
Link báo: https://vnexpress.net/ukraine-cat-quan-he-ngoai-giao-voi-trieu-tien-4487419.html

Biden Asserts Firmness: Doesn’t Rule Out Using Force to Prevent Iran’s Nuclear Weapons

U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he would use force to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, but this is the last resort among all options. In response, Iranian officials stated that they would pursue a nuclear deal with the U.S. and other countries.
Link báo: https://tuoitre.vn/ong-biden-tuyen-bo-cung-khong-loai-tru-dung-vu-luc-de-ngan-hat-nhan-iran-20220714064134023.htm

EU Prepares New Sanctions Against Russia, Still Avoids Gas

Bloomberg reports that the European Union (EU) is preparing its 7th round of sanctions against Russia, which may be announced in the coming weeks but is unlikely to include a ban on Russian gas.
Link báo: https://vietnamfinance.vn/eu-sap-giang-loat-don-trung-phat-moi-len-nga-van-ne-khi-dot-20180504224271047.htm


First Vietnamese Principal in Japan and the Destiny of “Cultivating People”

“Stepping foot in Japan at the age of 18, unable to speak the language, with no friends or familiar faces, to be honest, I even thought about giving up. But because it was a dream, and also the only choice at that time, I had to grit my teeth and move forward,” Nguyen Duy Anh recalled the difficult journey.
Link báo: https://cafef.vn/nguoi-viet-dau-tien-thanh-hieu-truong-o-nhat-va-moi-nhan-duyen-voi-nghiep-trong-nguoi-minh-co-the-khong-phai-nguoi-gioi-nhat-nhung-hay-luon-la-nguoi-co-gang-nhat-20220714091610128.chn

Three Scholarships Take Female Student to 20 Countries in One Year

Phuong Thanh, a senior student majoring in Business Administration at the International University of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City, has just returned from Europe after completing three short-term scholarships and student exchange programs last year. In one year, Thanh visited 20 European countries, expanding her list of countries she has visited to 22.
Link báo: https://vnexpress.net/ba-hoc-bong-dua-nu-sinh-den-20-nuoc-trong-mot-nam-4487598.html

Hue Unlikely to Raise Tuition Fees for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

During the 4th session of the Provincial People’s Council of Thua Thien Hue for the 2021-2026 term, the resolution on tuition fees for public preschools and general education programs in the province has not been discussed or considered.
Link báo: https://danviet.vn/hue-chua-xem-xet-tang-hoc-phi-nam-hoc-2022-2023-20220714133317138.htm


Ho Chi Minh City: A Series of Delayed Bridge and Road Projects with Massive Investment

Despite being crucial infrastructure in key locations with significant transportation implications, numerous bridge and road projects in Ho Chi Minh City have been stagnant for several years. In addition to the delayed progress, many of these projects have overshot their budgets by hundreds of billions of VND.
Link báo: https://cafeland.vn/tin-tuc/tphcm-nhuc-nhoi-loat-du-an-cau-duong-cham-tien-do-doi-von-khung-111580.html

Ba Ria – Vung Tau Pushes Forward with the Hoi Tram Airport Project

The preparation of the proposal for the investment policy for the Hoi Tram Airport project in Ba Ria – Vung Tau is being accelerated to ensure its completion in the second quarter of 2022.
Link báo: https://vneconomy.vn/ba-ria-vung-tau-thuc-tien-do-du-an-san-bay-ho-tram.htm

Wrong Planning for Le Van Luong Street: Transforming a Parking Lot into an Event and Wedding Center

The Ministry of Construction has clarified that the 66 Le Van Luong parking lot project violated approved planning and was developed by Phuong Dong Co., the project’s investor. The project’s construction deviated from the building permit and has transformed it into an event and wedding center.
Link báo: https://danviet.vn/sai-quy-hoach-duong-le-van-luong-bien-du-an-bai-do-xe-thanh-trung-tam-to-chuc-su-kien-2022071414470602.htm


Thailand U19 Coach at a Loss After Losing to Laos: “I Don’t Understand What Happened”

U19 Thailand wasted many opportunities and suffered a painful defeat to U19 Laos in the semi-final of the Southeast Asian U19 Championship.
Link báo: https://soha.vn/thua-dau-truoc-u19-lao-hlv-thai-lan-than-tho-toi-chua-hieu-chuyen-gi-da-xay-ra-20220714075257363.htm

U19 Vietnam – Malaysia 0-3: Nothing Left to Defend

U19 Malaysia secured a deserving victory, but it must be acknowledged that U19 Vietnam was not at their best.
Link báo: https://tuoitre.vn/u19-viet-nam-malaysia-0-3-tran-thua-khong-con-gi-de-bao-chua-20220714073204135.htm

Man Utd May Have Found Their Own Ruben Dias

Manchester United is close to finalizing a deal that is expected to significantly improve their defensive line.
Link báo: https://www.bongda.com.vn/man-utd-co-the-da-tim-thay-ruben-dias-cua-rieng-minh-d646153.html


Hien Ho Appears at a Shopping Center, Quickly Evades Detection?

Recently, social media was abuzz with information about Hien Ho’s appearance at a shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City after her personal life made headlines.
Link báo: https://2sao.vn/hien-ho-ne-ong-kinh-khi-xuat-hien-o-trung-tam-mua-sam-n-313213.html

Miss Thuy Tien Drops a “Signal” About Her Significant Other

In April, on the TikTok page of Miss Thuy Tien, a video was posted capturing the “choose your boyfriend’s style” game among the beauties. While her friends moved left or right to choose between Northern and Southern guys, Miss Thuy Tien walked straight into the middle position.
Link báo: https://www.yan.vn/hoa-hau-thuy-tien-ngam-phat-tin-hieu-ve-nguoi-ay-cua-minh-306922.html

Thieu Bao Tram Actively Performs at Bars to Boost Her Name, but Faces Controversy for Her Revealing Outfits

After releasing a series of new products, Thieu Bao Tram quickly became a notable name among music-loving audiences. As a result, she easily secured performances from small to large venues with a high frequency.
Link báo: https://we25.vn/thoi-trang-sao/thieu-bao-tram-tich-cuc-di-dien-bar-ham-nong-ten-tuoi-nhung-vap-ngay-phai-tranh-cai-ve-cach-an-mac-ho-henh-315189

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