Which topics have the online community been particularly interested in during the past week? Let’s review the 𝗛𝗢𝗧 𝗧𝗢𝗣𝗜𝗖𝗦 of the week together with Kompa.

2023 National High School Graduation Exam

The community has shown strong engagement in lively discussions about predicting the next Literature exam questions, followed by posts encouraging the 2k5 students before the exam day. There are also reminders for candidates not to forget their study materials and necessary documents when entering the exam room. This topic continues to receive significant attention from the community, with 2k5 students closely monitoring this year’s exam papers. Discussions are not limited to social media channels but also extend to various news outlets and media.

“Đẩy Xe Bò” MV by Phương Mỹ Chi

The MV, inspired by Phương Mỹ Chi’s work “Vợ Nhặt,” coincidentally aligns with the content of this year’s national Literature exam. The MV has been discussed in many conversations, with the community speculating that the singer is predicting the questions for this year’s National High School Graduation Exam in Literature.

Chill Fest Hồ Chí Minh Concert

Organized by the Saigon Chill Beer brand, Chill Fest has stirred up discussions and interactions within the community due to the participation of famous singers and DJs such as Hoàng Thùy Linh, HIEUTHUHAI, B RAY, LONA, and DJ HOAPROX.

Dịu Thảo’s Journey in MIQ2023

Miss International Queen Vietnam – Nguyễn Hà Dịu Thảo made it to the Top 11 in MIQ 2023, winning three awards for the most beautiful national costume, the Wonder Woman Award, and Miss Popular Vote. The community has offered enthusiastic support and encouragement for her efforts on the international beauty stage.

The Face Vietnam 2023

The Face Vietnam 2023 program continues to generate buzz within the community due to various dramas involving the show’s hot mentors. Additionally, the community is paying attention to contestants like Tuấn Ngọc, Hoàng Học, and mentor Anh Thư’s portrayal of “Ma Mười.”

“Trong Sương” by Minh Lai – Rap Việt

Season 3 The rap track “Trong Sương” by contestant Minh Lai in Rap Việt Season 3 has received four turns from the coaches. When asked why Liu Grace was so enthusiastic in supporting him, the male contestant responded humorously, “Yes, indeed, she’s in the team and in my heart.” This adorable moment has gone viral across social media platforms.

CEO Jay Park and the “real pho” story

Jay Park’s story of mistakenly thinking he was eating pho when it was actually bún (vermicelli noodles) created a “shock” within the online community. The K Crush fanpage posted the information with a humorous caption, “Mắc cỡ quá 2 ơi !?!” when the singer and Soju brand chairman clarified, “though it was Pho!?!? guess is Bun. U learn some new every day lol.”

“Mở Mắt” MV by Lil Wuyn and Đen Vâu

“Mở Mắt” is the MV marking the first collaboration between Lil Wuyn and Đen, and pages like Hóng Hớt showbiz and Đen Vâu’s fanpage are the main sources of discussion and interaction regarding this MV. The rap song, with deep lyrics offering comfort and encouragement to young people, continues to inspire those striving in the storms of life.

“Mùi Tổ Ấm” MV by Quân A.P on Vietnamese Family Day

As part of a music marketing campaign by the Sunlight floor cleaner brand, Quân A.P’s MV “Mùi Tổ Ấm” features warm melodies and meaningful lyrics that accompany a touching story about a young person who stumbles and then receives love and care from their family. The MV has touched the emotions of viewers and attracted significant attention from the community.

Vietnamese Rainy Season Sports

The rainy season has arrived, and major cities like Saigon and Hanoi are starting to experience days of flooded streets and alleys. The online community is participating in discussions and interactions through humorous images of motorbike riders wading through water on Vietnamese streets.

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