In the past week, Kompa has recorded over 7 million interactions across more than 300,000 discussions revolving around 10 hot topics.

Let’s review the HOT TOPICS from 12.06 to 18.06.

Rap Viet Season 3, The Face Vietnam 2023, and the Champions League 2023 final are the top 3 topics discussed and interacted with in the top 10 Hot Topics. Facebook and TikTok are the primary sources for tracking discussions and interactions.

Regarding Rap Viet, internet users discussed the performances of Mikelodic’s “Về Quê” in episode 3, Liu Grace’s “Vành Khuyên Nhỏ” in episode 4, along with the return of Hydra, a contestant from Rap Viet Season 1.

The heat of The Face Vietnam 2023 focuses on the “drama” involving the four mentors, Ky Duyen, Minh Trieu, Anh Thu, and Vu Thu Phuong. The TikTok dance challenge “Vũ điệu rửa mặt” from the show received a positive response from the audience.

After Inter Milan’s loss in the Champions League final against Man City, Italian football fans couldn’t help but feel disappointed. BLV Tạ Biên Cường’s fan page had the most interactive post about this defeat, mentioning the various losses suffered by Italian football clubs and the national team in the Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, and U20 World Cup, with a message like, “We shouldn’t wish each other ‘vạn sự như Ý’ (Italian-style success) anymore”.

The Seen Festival attracted significant attention from the community due to the explosive music event featuring K-pop idols TaeYang, BoA, Hyo, and the group Aespa. Images of these idols appearing in Vietnam flooded Facebook, including humorous moments such as TaeYang’s wordplay interaction with Vietnamese fans on Instagram or Vietnamese fans being awestruck when meeting Hyo for the first time at a local eatery.

The topic garnered over 4 million interactions, with milestones in discussions about the performances of Mikelodic, Liu Grace, and the return of Hydra in teaser episode 5.

Set to the beat of “Giấc mơ trưa,” Mikelodic’s rap “Về Quê” received widespread praise from the online community and earned him four selections. Mikelodic was hailed as a “monster” in the realm of “đóng tune” (the use of auto-tune to adjust recording, songs, or voice tones to fit the musical product). Coach Thái VG sincerely stated, “I’m telling the truth; I know who you are because when I was in the U.S., I used to listen to your music while working out, so I’ve been a fan of yours from before!”

Liu Grace, with “Vành Khuyên Nhỏ,” delivered an outstanding performance that won over the judges and coaches. She received four “foot stomps” from the coaches and 80% of the audience’s votes. Coach Thái VG immediately threw his golden cap onto the stage for Liu Grace, and Coach Andree also handed it over to her personally. Warner Music Vietnam’s page humorously remarked, “NSND Cardi B and Nicki Minaj meeting Liu Grace might exclaim, ‘If I have to, I’ll throw the cap,’ just like Thái VG did.”

In the teaser for episode 5, Hydra, a contestant from Rap Viet Season 1, returns with a new visual and promises an explosive stage performance.


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