Trusted by more than 200 leading businesses and pioneers in digital transformation in Vietnam, Kompa Group helps businesses understand customers and markets, as a basis for orienting Communications and Marketing strategies.

Data is considered “gold”, a “new source of oil”, but if not exploited properly, this extremely valuable resource is still just gold ore or crude oil. Kompa Group’s mission is to help businesses maximize the value of data sources in developing and managing brand images.

Touch the hearts of consumers

The term Data-driven Decision has become an important premise for businesses to optimize brand strategy and operations in the digital environment.

In the fierce “race” to create a brand impression in the hearts of customers, businesses cannot lack data analysis reports, as an implicit measure of brand ranking and value.

In the traditional market research model, consumers tend to have neutral evaluations of brands. Conversely, on the Internet and social networks, users may feel more comfortable sharing their true feelings and thoughts about the Brand. Therefore, “Media & Social Listening” becomes the optimal solution for brands that want to understand the true needs of consumers. From Kompa Group’s market research and brand health report, brands are surprised by what customers really think of you, including how consumers’ perceptions of products and services may run counter to what the brand originally wanted to create. Conclusions about brands on digital platforms can become private data for businesses to measure and direct effective communication strategies.

Orientation of brand communication messages

Nowadays, with just one “flap” of information on social networks, it can create an extremely fast and powerful viral effect. Therefore, tracking and managing brand information on digital platforms has become more urgent and important than ever.

Not only does it monitor brand discussions on online media channels (such as the Internet and social networks, etc.), Kompa Group’s Media & Social Listening solution also supports collecting and analyzing data on traditional (such as television, radio, newspapers, etc.).

From there, businesses can quickly capture media information on multiple platforms. With an information monitoring board (Dashboard) designed specifically for each business, businesses can monitor discussions surrounding brands, campaigns, and the overall market landscape in real time.

Reports from Kompa Group help businesses measure brand health, assess competitive position compared to competitors, summarize consumer perceptions of the brand and discover “insights” about customers that the brand hasn’t really been touched yet. On that basis, create a premise to help brands optimize and deploy effective communication strategies.

Shield protects the brand against bad information

When negative information about a brand appears on the Internet, with each passing minute, a wave of stressful reactions will rush into the business. When this wave reaches its peak, the business may face a media crisis without being prepared in advance.

Media crises often come from unclear information signals. This information often does not initially have a big impact, so businesses will easily ignore it. Continuously monitoring sensitive discussion streams helps businesses promptly anticipate and come up with countermeasures to deal with the wave of negative information that can break out at any time.

Kompa Group has applied artificial intelligence (AI) – integrating machine learning and natural language analysis (Natural Language Processing) features to synthesize and provide the most accurate analysis of negative conversations and warnings that reach the Enterprise almost immediately.

These features allow for accurate “reading processing” of more than 90% of the data. The content will then be assessed for quality by Kompa Group’s team of experts to assess its sensitivity level. Thanks to that, the Brand can promptly anticipate false information that is at risk of becoming a communication crisis and build scenarios and response plans in advance.

Kompa Group has been researching to develop advanced technology solutions based on Big Data. Accordingly, technology solutions from Kompa Group can integrate data from many sources within the same business ecosystem, to provide a comprehensive and detailed perspective on understanding the industry and target customers as well as measuring the effectiveness of communication & marketing of businesses.

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