Before the advent of Social Listening tools, most businesses, whether small or large, used to hire personnel to monitor activities on each of their company’s channels. They would examine how customers were reviewing their products or services. In addition to this, employees had to analyze what their competitors in the same industry were doing to draw lessons for their own businesses. After the emergence of Social Listening tools, these tools have largely taken over the role of human surveillance. So, what exactly is this tool, and should businesses use Social Listening services? The following article will shed light on this issue.

Definition of Social Media

Before delving into the tool of Social Listening, it’s essential to understand what social media is and why this listening tool needs to monitor media to such an extent.

Social media, in a straightforward sense, refers to social networking platforms designed for people to connect, exchange information, and share various content like images, videos, and other information with each other. Social media plays a pivotal role in online marketing and advertising. The success of a product is often measured by the level of discussion and engagement it generates on social media platforms. If your product is not being talked about or fails to generate interest on social media, it can significantly impact your profit, brand, and reputation.

What is Social Media?

What is Social Media?

Social media encompasses popular social networking platforms in Vietnam, such as Facebook, Youtube, Zalo, Instagram, and more. These are the platforms that nearly all businesses use to promote their brand, products, or services. Additionally, companies can gather and observe personal reviews and experiences, allowing for two-way interaction with customers.

As you may have noticed, major brands like Coca Cola, KIA, Samsung, and others have achieved remarkable success. They didn’t take their path to the summit of success lightly; they recognized and harnessed the power and reach of social media. This helped them disseminate information about their products and services to the public at lightning speed, often in less than two seconds. This demonstrates the immense power of social media in today’s world. We are living in the era of Industry 4.0, where people of all ages use social media. It’s the key that enables businesses to reach potential customers swiftly.

Definition of Social Listening

Social listening can be understood as a tool for monitoring social media. It is considered a tool that helps businesses “eavesdrop” and track how target customers are evaluating the company’s brand, products, and services. This monitoring is very useful for maintaining and enhancing the brand’s image in the eyes of customers, allowing for the measurement of the success metrics of advertising campaigns. Furthermore, this tool can also track keywords related to the industry and monitor competitors. It can help you analyze what your competitors are currently doing, enabling you to draw valuable lessons for your business.

Social Listening Definition

Social Listening Definition


If you’re not familiar with it, the LARA model is an effective model used for social listening.

  • Listening means actively monitoring and gathering data.
  • Analyze involves examining the collected data in-depth.
  • Relate is about creating campaigns or strategies based on the analyzed data.
  • Act encompasses executing, measuring, and optimizing actions based on the insights gained.

The Fantastic Benefits of Social Listening Tools

Engaging with Target Customers of Your Business

As mentioned earlier, the first and easily recognizable benefit is the ability of the tool to “listen” to how customers are reacting and what they expect from your products or services.

Improvement in All Aspects of the Product

“Listening in” on customer feedback helps us discover many flaws in the products that businesses produce. This is also an opportunity for businesses to perfect and deliver the best product to consumers. Of course, you need to provide solutions to customers by creating content that makes them feel well taken care of.

Gaining Industry Insights and Understanding Competitors

Social listening tools not only listen to your customers’ activities but also provide you with information about competitors in the industry. Look at what your competitors are doing, how they approach potential customers, and how they are growing. Their customers and yours will have many similarities. Therefore, observe your competitors to gain valuable lessons without having to pay for failed advertising campaigns.

Mitigating Crisis Risks

During monitoring and observation, businesses will grasp what actions and words social media accounts are discussing. Therefore, predicting negative risks can be entirely information-driven, allowing for timely control of communication crises.

Many Collaboration Opportunities

Monitoring industry information on social media will help us identify who the pioneers are, those leading the industry, and leaders with vision. This is an opportunity for businesses to connect and collaborate for mutual development.

Social Listening Services

If your business is unsure or lacks experience in social listening, seeking out services like Kompa for social listening tool support is the safest choice.

Social listening for business

Social listening for business

Kompa’s services will help bring value to your business through steps such as:

  • Brand Monitoring, Updating, and Analysis
  • Measuring Communication Effectiveness
  • Reputation Management for Your Brand

Kompa is a company that applies data technology (AI, machine learning) on a big data platform to provide data analysis solutions and equip its customers with valuable insights to optimize their business operations in various aspects such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, and other fields.

Kompa has been a partner to numerous small, medium, and large businesses in Vietnam for over 20 years, including Vingroup, Masterise Homes, Vinamilk, SSI, MB bank, Tân Hiệp phát, Shopee, Vietjet Air, and many others.


Through this article, we hope that businesses have gained a better understanding of what the Social Listening service is all about. Having a clear grasp of this tool is a crucial step in conducting sustainable market research. Kompa not only offers market research services but also integrates various management solutions, providing optimal value to businesses. For more information, you can refer [here](insert link).

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