Agreeing to sponsor “Help me!”, a project to connect and help people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic for free, the Ministry of Information and Communications also assigned the National Covid-19 Prevention and Control Technology Center to receive the project.

“Help me!” is an on-demand community connection platform to provide necessary help to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic completely free of charge. The first application on the “Help me!” is to connect doctors so that people can get remote advice and help from doctors in taking care of their own health.

Every time a user requests advice, they can send the request directly to Help Me! From a smartphone, the system will find a suitable medical specialist immediately and connect with the user. Doctors and users can communicate with each other via chat or video call so the doctor can advise the user.

In current conditions, when many medical facilities in hot spots are overloaded to serve severe Covid-19 patients, the “Help me!” will contribute to reducing the load on medical facilities by mobilizing a network of medical experts everywhere to assist mild patients or close contact cases. Doctors and nurses can always participate in the fight against the epidemic remotely by supporting mild patients in hot spots.

The group implementing the project “Help me!” There are also plans to expand features to support people affected by Covid-19 with needs besides medical advice and psychological health such as sharing essential items or other difficulties caused by the pandemic

The project is being tested on a small scale from today (August 5) until the end of this week, to collect feedback to make adjustments and be ready to launch the product to the entire community.

“Help me!” was initiated by a coalition of 4 units including STEAM for Vietnam company, GotIt! Vietnam, Kompa Group company, and Filum company. To date, the project has received support from many businesses and other organizations with a total of over 100 volunteers.

Sharing more about the meaning of the Ministry of Information and Communications agreeing to sponsor and assign the National Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Technology Center to receive the project is a new member of the Center, Mr. Tran Viet Hung, founded GotIt!, representative of the project “Help me!” According to the opinion, this will help the project’s operations become more organized and become a national platform that can serve more people and for the right purpose.

“Moreover, the sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Communications will also create more trust for the team of experts participating in the network as well as help users feel secure. The project will have more resources to be able to expand as well as connect with other government agencies to join forces to stamp out the epidemic and help people,” said Mr. Tran Viet Hung.

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