After conducting market research, a business will receive a comprehensive report on the issues they are looking to address regarding their product or service. So, what is a market research report, and how can one be written correctly?

What is a market research report?

The purpose of creating a market research report is to make informed decisions about business ideas. Market research is conducted to assess the feasibility of a new product or service through research conducted with potential customers.

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The information gathered from market research is then documented in a formal report that includes the following details:

  • Characteristics of your ideal customers.
  • Buying habits of customers.
  • The value that your product or service can bring to those customers.
  • A list of your top competitors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Market Research Reports


  • Identifying Business Opportunities – Market research reports can be used to analyze potential markets and new products. They can provide information about customer needs, preferences, and attitudes. Additionally, they compare your products and services with competitors.
  • Clear Understanding of Your Customers – A market report provides the company’s marketing department with an in-depth understanding of customer needs and desires. This knowledge can be used to improve products, pricing, and advertising.
  • Risk Mitigation – 30% of small businesses fail within the first two years. Why is that? The answer lies in entrepreneurs being risk-takers. However, some risks can be avoided. Good market research helps you identify these risks and allows you to minimize them.
  • Data-Based Insights – Market research encompasses various activities, from identifying market size and segments to forecasting demand and monitoring pricing. All of these are quantified and measured, providing you with a clear roadmap for making decisions based on data.
Advantages and disadvantages of the report

Advantages and disadvantages of the report


  • It’s Costly – Although market research can be conducted for as little as $500, for larger markets like the United States, it can cost millions of dollars. If research is being conducted for a specific product, the budget can be significantly higher. The budget also depends on the quality of the research. More expensive research often takes more time to complete.

Some Detailed Information May Be Inaccurate – For example, when conducting a survey, the data may be incomplete or inaccurate because respondents may not be entirely honest and may provide false information.

Steps to Write a Market Research Report

Step 1: Data Compilation

The first step is to compile all available information into a manageable dataset. Clustering is the process of grouping information together in a way that emphasizes commonalities and minimizes differences. So, in market research, this will help organize all the information you have about your product, service, or target market and identify your key focus areas.

Group data before writing reports

Group data before writing reports

Step 2: Prepare the Outline

A market research report should be written in a way that others can understand:

  • Include Basic Information from the Start: Begin by providing essential information to explain who your audience is and what problem you are trying to solve for them.
  • In the Body of the Report, Include Methodology: Explain to the readers how your research was conducted, what it entailed, and why you chose this particular methodology

Present Research Findings: In the body of the report, include the results of your market research. These results can be quantitative or qualitative, but they should address the initial questions you posed.

Incorporate Executive Summary: Conclude the report with an executive summary, which provides a brief overview of the entire report.

Step 3: Discussing Research Methods

The research methods section includes details about the type of research, scale, any limitations of the study, research design, sample selection, data collection procedures, and statistical analysis methods used.

Step 4: Including Images in the Presentation

Images are an essential part of the presentation. Even the best-written text can be difficult to understand. Charts and graphs are easier to comprehend than text and help the audience see how the numbers fit into the bigger picture.

However, images are not the entire story. They are just a part of the presentation. Images serve as prompts for the audience. Narration tells the story, not just the numbers.

Step 5: Concluding the Report with Recommendations

Images are also important in reports

Images are also important in reports

Recommendations tend to follow logically from the conclusions and respond to a specific issue. Recommendations should always align with the research findings, meaning they should be based on the results reported in the body of the report.

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Through this article, it is hoped that businesses can gain an understanding of what a market research report entails. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and how to effectively write a market research report can help maximize the value of the information that market research provides.

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