In today’s world, Brands need a well-crafted social media strategy built on knowledge derived from in-depth research about their target audience. Social Listening is a strategy that’s no longer unfamiliar to Businesses. Through Social Listening keywords, Businesses can track and monitor online mentions of their company. The best strategies should focus on important keywords to find and engage with relevant and suitable audiences. So, what are keywords, and which ones should you monitor to build an effective Brand awareness and attract more customers?

What are Social Listening keywords?

As we know, Social Listening is the process of analyzing conversations and trends that occur not only around your Brand but also within your entire industry. The insights gained from this process are used to make better marketing decisions. This process is typically carried out using a social media listening and monitoring tool (e.g., Awario, Mention, Brandwatch). The first thing you do when you open such an application is to input keywords for tracking.

Keywords are the most precise words or phrases that accurately describe what you want to search for on social media platforms and websites. After entering your chosen keywords, the tool will search for mentions and references related to these keywords and compile them for analysis.

Keywords are an important factor for effective social listening

Keywords are an important factor for effective social listening

Types of Keywords You Should Monitor


Monitoring your Brand or company is essential in most cases. While the goals of Social Listening can be diverse (reputation management, Brand awareness, influencer marketing, customer service), many of these objectives require listening to what people are saying about your Brand.

To ensure you don’t miss any valuable mentions, include common spelling errors and abbreviations of your Brand name. This way, you can assess the public’s sentiment towards your Brand. Often, the image a company tries to create differs from the actual perception of the public. Your marketing team might be focusing too much on the exciting and modern aspects of your company, while your customers may value the practicality and functionality of your new product.

Learning what your customers think about you will provide you with abundant inspiration to develop marketing plans, build your Brand, and, if possible, reBrand.


Choose a few key competitors of yours (or even just one) and input their Brand/company name into Social Listening tools. This way, you can examine what they are doing effectively (or ineffectively) and whether you can implement similar methods in your strategies.

Most social media monitoring tools also allow you to compare the effectiveness of your Brand’s social media activity with that of your competitors. This can be helpful for tracking your progress and discovering new ideas.

For example, knowing that your competitors are more interested in which social media platform, location, or time frame can help you upgrade your social media communication strategy. Understanding the performance of their campaigns, social media posts, and product releases can help you improve your own plans and avoid risks.

Using the right keywords will bring useful information to the brand

Using the right keywords will bring useful information to the brand


Many marketing campaigns have caused serious issues for Businesses, and these issues can be entirely avoided with social media monitoring tools. Always keep track of the progress of your social media campaigns.

Reactions on social media often happen very quickly. By monitoring campaigns in real time, you’ll know right away if they are performing well, if they are effective, and if there are any issues that you might not have noticed when creating the campaign. The sooner you know how things are really going, the better. To monitor a campaign, enter its name, slogan, or hashtags starting with # as keywords.

Products and Services

Mentions of your products and services can provide you with valuable insights into:

  • How customers use your products.
  • Customer satisfaction levels with your products.
  • Ways to improve the next version of your product for your customers.
  • Opportunities to enhance the user experience (perhaps your customers need additional educational materials or product enhancements).

This information will greatly assist you in improving your reputation and developing strategies to upgrade your products and services.

Keywords that refer to products give you insight into your customers

Keywords that refer to products give you insight into your customers

Kompa provides Social Listening services to optimize a Business’s communication activities. 

With over 20 years of experience, Kompa offers comprehensive Media & Social Listening solutions for Businesses by efficiently utilizing data resources from Big Data across various industries, from Marketing to Finance, Manufacturing, and more.

Kompa’s Social Listening service offers three main types to cater to various Business needs:

  • Brand Monitoring: This involves quickly updating daily information about conversations related to the Brand and competitors on both traditional media channels and social media. It helps Businesses stay updated and address potentially harmful information in a timely manner.
  • Brand and Customer Insight: This service assists Brands in updating, evaluating, and comparing their direct health metrics with competitors. It also helps Brands gain a better understanding of the needs and insights of their target customers, enabling effective targeting strategies.
  • Brand Health Management: Proactively monitor Brand health metrics and provide detailed insights into upcoming trends that may align with Brand activities. Kompa also supports Businesses in reporting, measuring, and analyzing campaign details, Brand awareness, and performance compared to competitors to evaluate the effectiveness of Brand communication campaigns.


Here is what you need to know about Social Listening keywords, and choosing the right keywords will help you conduct social media monitoring more effectively, thereby staying up-to-date with emerging trends to shape successful marketing campaigns.

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