Established in 2011 with the name Boomerang, in 2016, the company officially changed its name to Kompa and repositioned itself with a higher vision and mission.

With the desire to create a Data Technology ecosystem, Kompa has developed a database system, a natural language processing system (NLP: Natural Language Processing) and trained a team of market analysts with extensive experience in building operating models to make the most of data resources from Big Data. Through that, it helps businesses make the fastest, most optimal and accurate decisions in understanding customers and the market to prevent and handle communication crises effectively.

The journey of constantly developing and innovating solutions for businesses

In 2011, Boomerang – the predecessor of Kompa was founded with the goal of developing data technology and Machine Learning, Social Listening tools to apply to corporate communication activities in Vietnam.

In 2015, Boomerang cooperated with BIDV to launch the product “Social Media Command Center” and was awarded the “Best Social Media Team” award at the “Social Media & Digital Marketing Excellence Awards 2015” ceremony organized by CMO ASIA in Singapore.

Kompa's journey of innovation and continuous development

Kompa’s journey of innovation and continuous development

In 2016, Kompa was founded in Silicon Valley, USA, repositioning Boomerang with a higher and more realistic mission with an ecosystem of many comprehensive data technology solution clusters for businesses. Kompa’s products aim to optimize Brand communication activities in Vietnam, promote sustainable development, and keep up with the pace of development in the World to solve most of the problems that businesses are facing with input being big data.

In 2020, Kompa made a valuable contribution in building a Dashboard to monitor the situation of SARS-COV-2 virus infection in Vietnam and around the world, pioneering the creation of the “Help Me” project to help connect people with illness with medical experts during the epidemic. This project has attracted the attention of a large number of newspapers and television channels.

The donation by Kompa attracted attention.

The donation by Kompa attracted attention.

At the same period, Kompa established affiliated businesses to build a data technology ecosystem such as: Media & Social Listening, Performance Marketing, Filum – Business Data Platform, Digital Center with the desire to become “One-stop Solution” for Business Customers in Vietnam.

From 2022 until now, Kompa has gradually improved and perfected the data technology ecosystem, offering tailored solutions for businesses in multiple fields of Marketing, Communications, Finance, Operations, and Production.

Typical technology solutions at Kompa

Kompa collects data from Big Data
through programming and information technology applications. At the same time, with the presence of a team of data analysis experts, application data solutions for businesses are optimized and utilized for multi-industry and multi-field applications.

In addition, Kompa invests in a natural language processing system with a team of data scientists and engineers in the US and Vietnam, aiming at a system to collect, analyze and understand Vietnamese language and Vietnamese variations.

Kompa has been developing new solutions that are used in Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, and other fields thanks to the combination of data technology, analytical thinking, and professional evaluation. The following are typical solutions:


1. Social Listening (Monitor and manage social media platforms)
2. Campaign Measurement (Measuring campaign effectiveness)
3. Digital Market Research (Market research on digital platforms)
4. Digital Data Center (Digital Data Center)


1. Reputation Consulting and Management (Monitor and manage negative information)
2. Brand Authority (Copyright protection of Leaders’ images)


1. Digital Performance (Performance-based Marketing)
2. Social Community Advocacy (Strengthening brand connections in the community)
3. Influencers/KOLs Management (Contact, post and manage Influencers/KOLs)
4. Fanpage/Group Production – Management (Fanpage/Group Administration)

Kompa helps Businesses optimize market data

Kompa helps Businesses optimize market data

Kompa affirms its position in the hearts of customers

The emergence of more and more companies measuring and researching social network data in Vietnam is clear evidence of the development of the market.
Having spent more than 10 years in the market, Kompa understands that it is important for itself to constantly innovate, create constant value for Customers, and it is important to compare its own development every year. Understanding what customers need and what services are most suitable and optimal for customers is what Kompa always focuses on. For more than 10 consecutive years, Kompa has accompanied hundreds of small, medium and large businesses in Vietnam, applying data technology (A.I, machine learning) on a big data platform to provide solutions. Analyze data and equip customers with valuable “insight” to optimize business operations.

Summary offers solutions to help handle issues of Branding, Leadership image, communication campaign effectiveness,… for businesses. Through professional processes, quick data collection, and quick and accurate information reporting, Kompa accompanies businesses to promptly capture information and have more comprehensive perspectives on Brands, Customers, and overview of the Communication Campaign and many other areas of information.

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