Products and consulting solutions in Communication based on Big Data and data technology applications (AI, Machine Learning) are becoming increasingly important in today’s business operations. These solutions enable businesses to analyze vast amounts of data from various sources to gain a better understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and market trends. This, in turn, helps improve their communication strategies, enhance customer experiences, and drive business success.

With nearly a decade of operation and development, Kompa is one of the pioneers in Vietnam specializing in providing products and consulting solutions in communication based on Big Data and data technology in business operations and development. With a mission to provide data technology-based solutions to support businesses in stepping into the digital era, Kompa is currently providing solutions and services to hundreds of businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations in Vietnam, such as Vingroup, Masterise Homes, Vinamilk, SSI, MB Bank, Shopee, Vietjet Air, Tan Hiep Phat, and more. Let’s explore the top solutions that businesses and organizations are favoring at Kompa and the benefits they bring to companies through the following article!

About Kompa

Kompa was established in 2016 in the Silicon Valley, the cradle of technology in the United States, with the aim of building a complete data technology ecosystem for businesses in Vietnam. Kompa provides customers with data analysis solutions and equips them with valuable insights to optimize their business operations in various fields such as Marketing, Finance, Commerce, Operations, and other areas.

Kompa and our mission to accompany the development of business

Kompa and our mission to accompany the development of business

With the most advanced technology from the Silicon Valley in the United States, a highly skilled team with years of experience in data knowledge, branding, and marketing, Kompa offers customers a one-stop service model. This model includes various types of services and diverse solutions to help customers optimize their business management in many aspects, such as monitoring and evaluating the performance of activities, communication campaigns, customer profiling, social media trend analysis, market research, image copyright protection, crisis communication management, and more.

Top Preferred Services and Solutions at Kompa

Social Listening

Social listening is a service that involves monitoring and tracking social media information, helping businesses optimize their communication activities and enhance brand management. Currently, social listening is one of the most popular services at Kompa. With a system that combines artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and human expertise for monitoring and tracking social media information, Kompa collects comprehensive data and performs detailed analysis to help businesses monitor brand health, discover customer insights, and observe competitors and the market 24/7. Depending on specific needs, businesses can choose from the following service packages:

  • Brand Monitoring: Measures the level of customer awareness of brand presence and factors affecting brand performance.
  • Brand & Customer Insight: Helps businesses understand the needs, behaviors, and desires of customers, enabling them to position their brand in the competitive market.
  • Brand Health Management: Evaluates the impact of the brand and campaigns on the target customers, identifies brand strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors.

A notable advantage of Kompa’s social listening services is that businesses can monitor and store online brand data 24/7. Additionally, Kompa offers customization options for display design and file exports to meet the specific needs of businesses. 

Evaluate the performance of the Enterprise's communication activities

Evaluate the performance of the Enterprise’s communication activities

Campaign Tracking and Measurement

This is a service commonly chosen by businesses at Kompa to collect, analyze, and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing communication campaigns at three stages: before, during, and after the Marcom campaign. Based on brand objectives and requirements, the campaign reports prepared by Kompa include:

  • Evaluation of achieved KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Performance statistics
  • Assessment of Content Marketing effectiveness
  • Factors contributing to campaign success and barriers
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of Paid/Owned/Natural propagation channels
  • Effectiveness of influencer marketing by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Customers (KOCs)
    Template of Honda Air Blade Limited Edition Campaign (11/2021-01/2022)

    Template of Honda Air Blade Limited Edition Campaign (11/2021-01/2022)

Brand Reputation Management on Social Media

This is a service often chosen by businesses when they need consultation and control of their brand’s image on the internet. Managing brand reputation on social media helps businesses timely detect, analyze, and aggregate negative and harmful information related to the business. Kompa helps businesses capture information from diverse sources, including mainstream media, user Facebook accounts, influential figures on Facebook, Facebook pages/groups, forums, and YouTube.

The information collected by Kompa is categorized into three levels: level 1 – risk, level 2 – urgent, level 3 – crisis. The classification system of negative levels helps businesses assess the severity of the issue to choose an appropriate approach for resolution.

Kompa’s services can help businesses neutralize negative information, prevent the spread and interaction of negative content, enhance neutral and positive discussions about the brand, increase or decrease social media reach, optimize the restriction of sensitive information online, provide 24/7 urgent responses, and facilitate post-crisis recovery.

Leadership Image Copyright Protection

Similar to brand reputation management, the image of business leadership also needs strong protection and management, as it is closely tied to the brand’s reputation and development. 

Protecting the image of leaders on social media is becoming increasingly essential for businesses, and although it is a relatively new service, it is one of the top choices at Kompa. The process of protecting the copyright of leadership images, as implemented by Kompa, includes:

  • Establishing and managing a leadership image library provided by the client.
  • Detecting and alerting about fake or negative images on social media platforms.
  • Providing weekly leadership image copyright reports.
  • Optimizing leadership image copyright.

This service not only helps protect the reputation of business leaders but also safeguards the brand’s reputation, controls and prevents unfavorable information about the leadership, proactively monitors to avoid missing sensitive information that may impact the leaders’ image.

Kompa handles copyright infringing images of KN Group Leaders on Facebook

Kompa handles copyright infringing images of KN Group Leaders on Facebook

Enhancing Brand Connectivity in Communities

This service aims to enhance brand recognition and connections within target customer communities by providing content that meets their needs, information, and reviews they are seeking. It increases the chances of attracting interest, favor, and influence on product/service selection decisions.

The process Kompa follows to boost brand connectivity includes:

  • Consultation on a campaign-aligned strategic approach or brand messaging.
  • Planning and directing content development.
  • Gathering, evaluating, and organizing potential target customer groups on social media platforms.
  • Implementing content according to the plan: press releases, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), etc.
  • Reporting campaign effectiveness, with options for daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Digital Market Research

Market research is a crucial activity for shaping, developing, and executing long-term growth strategies for businesses. Kompa’s digital market research service helps businesses stay updated on industry trends, measure brand awareness and value, and assess consumer expectations. Kompa offers three types of market research:

  • Online market research: Using Big Data and AI to research trends and consumer sentiments, aiding businesses in staying competitive.
  • Offline market research: Surveys and analysis to answer real questions and target customer groups.
  • Integrated online-offline market research: Combining the two methods for increased efficiency and comprehensiveness.
    Research consumption trends and consumer thinking

    Research consumption trends and consumer thinking

Dedicated Digital Data Center

Kompa provides this service to help businesses build independent data centers tailored to their specific needs. It supports businesses in the following areas:

  • Observing and analyzing discussions, content, and channels related to the brand and competitors.
  • Quickly tracking the source of negative news for prompt and effective resolution.
  • Aggregating, summarizing, and classifying customer data based on collected information sources.
    Digital Data Center built by Kompa for Vietjet Air (left) and BIDV (right)

    Digital Data Center built by Kompa for Vietjet Air (left) and BIDV (right)

In conclusion

In this era of Industry 4.0, mastering data is essential for business efficiency and growth. Kompa, as a leading Vietnamese technology company with international standards, offers data analysis solutions based on Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, equipping businesses with invaluable insights to optimize various aspects of their operations. With support from Kompa, businesses can independently manage their data, conduct in-depth and comprehensive strategic analysis, and operate more efficiently.

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